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Silent Mightâ„¢ mufflers   


A truly remarkable ultra-high performance muffler, 
designed to operate at very civilized sound levels, 
ideal for everyday use.   

For 6-cylinder diesel engines.       Read more


 Company News


Established in 1995 to build specialized blowers for industry, ROKK technologies is now pleased to announce the release of several products for the Cummins powered Dodge Ram.


 Adjustable Timing Sensor 

(5.9 common rail Cummins) 

Improves power and efficiency,
lowers exhaust temperature,
saves fuel. 


For 2003 and newer Dodge Ram Cummins trucks.    Read more

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Vibration eliminator kit


Isolates steering column and pedals from annoying engine vibration.
For 2003 and newer Dodge Ram Cummins trucks.   Read more
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